Digital Cinema Services

In 2005, Cinedigm helped create the virtual print fee (VPF) formula that spurred the digital rollout for the entire exhibition industry. Today, with nearly 12,000 digital screens under our belt, Cinedigm continues to service the VPF agreements of those exhibitors as we expand internationally.

Key Components of the Cinedigm Digital Cinema Program:

  • Multiple vendors providing state- of-the-art equipment and service options
  • Turnkey solutions comprising a projector, media player and central Library Management Server
  • Unique Theatre Command CenterTM Software enables centralized content management, automated scheduling and transfers, integrated preshow and operational flexibility
  • Fully networked systems allow for remote monitoring, troubleshooting and problem solving
  • VPF agreements with all Major Studios and 100+ Independent Distributors
  • Proven capability with over 8 years of VPF administration experience