Cinedigm's Strength is Our Networks
Cinedigm’s robust programming and technology capabilities have made the company a leader in the rapidly growing OTT channel business. With expertise in creating both VOD and linear channels, Cinedigm delivers channels and content that reach hundreds of millions of devices.
Cinedigm's Digital-First Networks

CombatGO is a 24/7 mixed martial arts channel that unifies the top global MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, and traditional Asian martial arts content.

CONtv is the first and largest digital entertainment network dedicated to the fanspace. From eclectic sci-fi, enigmatic horror, vintage cult TV, edgy anime and gritty grindhouse and original series, CONtv has amassed a following of pop culture enthusiast seeking the need to geek out on any device, at any time.

Docurama is the first VOD network channel offering a provocative selection of compelling and award-winning documentaries, films, and TV series exploring impactful and entertaining true-life stories.

Dove Channel is a values-based network filled with uplifting and enlightening programming that the whole family can enjoy together.

HallyPop is a pop culture network celebrating Korean, Chinese, and South East Asian content, including live concerts, special events, and reality TV, and talent competitions.

Digital Network Services
Cinedigm offers a wide array of services for linear and OTT channel clients, such as app and linear channel development, program scheduling and trafficking, distribution and roll-out support, content sourcing, acquisition, and licensing at scale. Additional ancillary offerings also include legal services, scheduling and onboarding content, and royalty payment and administration.
Level 1
  • Channel Brand Development
  • Content Scheduling, Publishing & Promos
  • Live Streaming (If Applicable)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Distribution to Digital Video Platforms (Roku, Apple TV, Amazon, Sling, Hulu TV, etc.) Including Deal Negotiation and Technical Delivery to CDN or Platform
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Graphic Design
  • Encoding, Transcoding, and Metadata Preparation with Quality Control Checks
  • Channel- and Title-Level Performance, Sales Analysis & Financial Reporting
  • Programmatic Advertising Management
  • Collections from Subscription and Programmatic Advertising Sales
Level 2
  • Channel Development: Product Planning, Feature Set Design, UX/UI Design, App Development & Quality Assurance
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Customer Acquisition Marketing: Planning & Budgeting, Campaign Planning, Marketing Creative, A/B Testing, Reporting & ROI Optimization
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Ad Platform Integration
  • Ad Campaign Management & Reporting
Contact Us
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