Cinedigm's Strength is Our Networks
Cinedigm’s robust programming and technology capabilities have made the company a leader in the rapidly growing OTT channel business. With expertise in creating both VOD and linear channels, Cinedigm delivers channels and content that reach hundreds of millions of devices.
Cinedigm's Digital-First Networks

Cinedigm has acquired the exclusive rights from the Bob Ross Estate to distribute the entire Bob Ross television series “The Joy of Painting” across linear, AVOD and SVOD platforms.

Gametoon is a worldwide entertainment TV channel for millennials revolving around gaming and eSports.

Top models, top designers, top brands, hottest catwalks, shopping shows and all the latest news from the fashion world.

WhistleTV always plays in the positive and resonates with what’s relatable through its sports and lifestyle entertainment for a young adult audience.

CONtv is the first and largest digital entertainment network dedicated to the fanspace. From eclectic sci-fi, enigmatic horror, vintage cult TV, edgy anime and gritty grindhouse and original series, CONtv has amassed a following of pop culture enthusiast seeking the need to geek out on any device, at any time.

Serving up a highly curated catalog of celebrated anime film & TV titles. Encompassing top-grossing series franchises and award-winning cinema titles, CONtv Anime appeals to both die-hard fans and broader audiences of all ages with top-subgenres: sci-fi, fantasy, fantasy, slice-of-life, action-adventure, romantic dramas and more!

Comedy Dynamics produces some of today’s biggest stand-up for all the major platforms in the world. The Comedy Dynamics network is one of the best places to watch stand up comedy specials, TV shows, feature films, and documentaries.

Dove Channel is a values-based network filled with uplifting and enlightening programming that the whole family can enjoy together.

Docurama is the first VOD network channel offering a provocative selection of compelling and award-winning documentaries, films, and TV series exploring impactful and entertaining true-life stories.

The top UK & Aussie reality lifestyle titles!
US audiences get genre-busting, provocative and controversial content from across both ponds!  For the first time on free linear streaming.

There’s a reason why US networks rip off UK & Aussie dramas for top-rated domestic remakes. Audiences love them! Now finally available as a free linear channel US audiences can enjoy the originals.

BAMBU connects the broader general market to the hottest content from China, Hong Kong & Taiwan.

BAMBU is unique in it’s divergence from traditional ethnic market outlets, in that it is inclusive of broader general market audiences, with particular focus on the lucrative Gen Z and Millennial viewers, who embrace global trends and covet their roles as cultural alphas.

HallyPop is a pop culture network celebrating Korean, Chinese, and South East Asian content, including live concerts, special events, and reality TV, and talent competitions.

CombatGO is a 24/7 mixed martial arts channel that unifies the top global MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, and traditional Asian martial arts content.

Introducing Matchpoint

The Matchpoint™ Platform Suite consists of three standalone components that can work hand-in-hand to provide a robust full-stack solution for all your OTT and video distribution needs at scale.

Firstly, the Matchpoint Dispatch™ content delivery platform takes the complexity out of the entire content ingestion and digital supply chain process by simplifying the workflow and automating much of the tasks required for preparing digital content for wide distribution. Whether you need to deliver your content to an AVOD, SVOD, or linear channel partner, we have you covered.

Secondly, the Matchpoint Blueprint™ app framework is a cross-platform development platform that offers a fast and cost-efficient way to launch a full-featured OTT video streaming app across a variety of platforms with built-in support for various business models. All Blueprint™ apps have built-in support for advertising as well as in-app billing.

Lastly, Matchpoint Insights™ provides a robust analytics dashboard that offers an in-depth view of all critical KPIs and metrics related to your OTT business. At Matchpoint™, we have the expertise and knowledge it takes to operate an OTT channel so we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.