Marketing Director

  • Date: Aug, 2017
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Position/Title: Marketing Director
    Department: Marketing

    Position Summary

    The Marketing Director will oversee approximately 50-60 titles annually and serve as a central hub of a multi-functional team to move Theatrical, Digital and Physical entertainment releases through the entire content lifecycle, including but not limited to: new partner onboarding, release strategies and windowing, forecasting and budgeting, product development and product approvals, sales support, and marketing to trade and consumers.  In addition to the above, the Marketing Director’s primary goals will be to manage client relationships, develop marketing initiatives and work with the sales department to create promotions for a variety of accounts and platforms.


    Client Management

    • Educate the partner on internal processes and prep new titles for market, including:
      • Sourcing and creating sales materials
      • Crafting release strategies and windows
      • Procuring marketing assets
      • Managing deadlines for new release and catalog promotions
    • Handle all day-to-day interaction with client, including:
      • Sales feedback, placement updates
      • Budget and forecasting approvals where necessary
      • Key art and packaging feedback
      • Product and marketing asset approvals
      • Obtain rights clarity if required
    • Manage state of the business and new developments with clients as needed, including weekly or bi-monthly calls and/or quarterly business reviews



    Product Development:

    Determine the configuration and disc breakdown for assigned titles, sourcing or creating bonus, companion booklets, and other value-add elements.

    • Initiate kick-off meetings with filmmakers/licensors and in-house production team for delivery of assets.
    • Approve DVD menus, packaging, and copy.
    • Create work orders for internal creative team and oversee design and pricing for all packaging and key art.
    • Create and manage all excel documents and/or databases relating to the internal setup of a product for sale (including item setup, abstracts, etc.).
    • Oversee approvals and manage the relationship with filmmakers, licensors and talent.
    • Devise cross promotions, customer exclusives, and special sales opportunities for DVD releases, as well as catalog initiatives, including Walmart Modular SKUs.
    • Review profitability of and obtain approval from licensors for promotional trade spend requests from Sales team.
    • Track overall home entertainment market conditions and identify new product opportunities.
    • Track performance of retail activity using internal and external reports and report findings and conclusions to key internal and partner stakeholders.



    • In conjunction with digital sales create and maintain release strategies across all digital platforms including EST/iVOD, SVOD, AVOD and TV-VOD/Satellite
    • Approve metadata submissions from licensors (and manage associated deadlines)
    • Provide rights updates when necessary
    • Curate content for digital promotions throughout the year
    • Work with digital sales to gain promotion for new releases or catalog titles across platforms


    Forecasting and budgeting

    • In conjunction with sales, create and maintain forecasts for fiscal year releases
    • In conjunction with sales, create forecasts for new/potential acquisitions
    • Share monthly sales reports, trends and outlooks with licensors
    • Maintain by-title budgets for marketing, PR, and product development


    Product Marketing:

    • Generate and analyze Profit and Loss statements and manage marketing budgets for assigned titles.
    • Oversee the creation of PowerPoint one sheet and other trade communication, trailers and promotional clips, develop sales promotions, and approve collateral and electronic sell sheets for designated titles.
    • Create marketing plans for tentpole releases, work with media agencies on proposals and execute marketing initiatives.
    • Manage grassroots outreach and awareness campaigns for titles.
    • Manage press agent for all related PR initiatives.

    Specific Knowledge Abilities and Skills

    • Minimum 7 years experience in an area of entertainment, preferably in home entertainment.
    • Excellent communication, multi-tasking and organizational skills and a polished, professional demeanor.
    • Firm understanding of new product development.
    • Excellent grasp of the digital entertainment landscape, including transactional (EST/iVOD), sVOD, aVOD, OTT.
    • Ability to thrive in a demanding, constantly changing work environment
    • MS Office proficiency, including a high degree of proficiency in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
    • Bachelor’s degree required.
    • Interest in independent film/documentaries a plus.

    To apply, please send your resume to